4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Leather Furniture

Leather is a timeless, flexible material with deep, historical roots throughout the world’s cultures. While we can liken it to the days of knighthood and travel by horseback, leather has remained a key material in helpful tools and objects for human use throughout the centuries, and still proves useful and stylish today. It comes as no surprise that it made its way into our hearts and homes, through modern home furnishings and accessories.

So, when you’re ready to upgrade your living quarters, why consider leather?

Leather Is Versatile

One of the most amazing aspects of leather is its unabashed versatility. Leather can uphold both a nostalgic, old world feel as well as compete in an era of contemporary luxury. For instance, a soft leather chair with ornate wood carvings on the legs screams history steeped in a traditional style. If the leather upholstery has an intentional tarnished or worn effect applied, this vibe is conveyed even more so.

To us, nothing sounds more appealing than curling up with a good book in an “old” leather chair, or relaxing on a plush leather sectional with trendy nail head trim!

Leather Is Luxurious

Leather has proven itself as a symbol of luxury. Upscale hotels and restaurants often incorporate leather in their design pallet to evoke an elite, sophisticated feel. The same can be applied to your personal home décor. Something as minute as a set of leather coasters or a throw pillow plated with leather on one side (reversible throw pillows are a fun way to keep things fresh!) can instantly take your living space to another level.

Cowhide leather has a buttery, durable feel that’s preferable in fine upholstery, while stiffer leathers from a pig or water buffalo will be noticeably inferior.

Leather Has Character

While leather has its perks for home furnishings and remains one of our favorite materials, there are several setbacks to this coveted material. Genuine leather is very impressionable. This means marks and scratches can appear easily. You’ll want to keep this in mind when selecting your leather furniture or décor. If you have small children or pets, you may want to deter from having expensive leather items within reach, or a fine leather sofa that could suffer from everyday wear and tear. On the flip side, if you enjoy the character and uniqueness of embellished leather, this aspect could work to your advantage.

It’s Not As Hard To Clean As You Might Think

Cleaning leather doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. A simple purchase of leather-specific cleaning products can save you the heartache of having your beautiful leather furniture tarnished. Remember, it’s an investment and will require regular maintenance! Start by cleaning regularly with a soft or micro-fiber cloth to remove dust from the surface. Next, apply a leather cleaner like saddle soap. There’s nothing like the gleaming sheen of fine leather.

Are you ready to take the plunge and incorporate leather in your existing home décor? Stop into any one of our 5 West Coast Living Thomasville showrooms to see the latest leather styles and trends we have to offer. Our professional in-store designers can assist in making your leather décor dreams come to life. Happy decorating!

4 Furniture Trends That Will Elevate Your Home


It’s exciting to envision your home in new ways. Perhaps you have had the same Thomasville sofa for seven years, and while it’s still in optimal condition, you find yourself drawn to a completely different style.

Furniture trends are constantly evolving and while we were thinking about our favorites for 2016, we kept coming back to these four.

Refine your living space with these inspiring styles:


Modern glamour is reminiscent of old Hollywood. It’s stately, sumptuous, and head-turning. The luxe style oozes a touch of formality, mixed with ornate romance and sparkle.

An eye-catching chandelier or a cleverly carved mirror is a simple way to incorporate this style into your home.



Industrial chic furniture has a warm, rustic feel reminding us of a past era. Reclaimed woods, nailhead trim, and distressed finishes are prominent features of this trend.

Bring industrial texture into your environment with a sturdy trestle desk from Century or the Thomasville Stockyard Media Chest. With metal chicken wire inset built into the doors, it’s a strong counterpoint to the techy media components that will be tucked away inside of it.



Distressed, painted furniture is on our radar. It’s a wonderful way to introduce color into your space, whether the piece is crafted in a bold, vibrant hue, or a distressed, understated tone that fondly reminds us of shabby chic.



Dining rooms may be a place for an everyday meal, but why not enhance your dining experience with the perfect table? The Century Milan dining table is jaw-dropping with its high sheen Lapis finish and polished stainless steel base.

Forgo simplicity and trade it in for a beautiful table.


Now, with a plan in place and a sense of your favorite design trends, you’ll be well on your way to reinventing your space.

Visit us at http://www.westcoastlivingoc.com.

Brand Spotlight: Stickley Fine Furniture



“Great furniture creates and carries memories across time.”

Enduring tradition, superior craftsmanship, and an unshakeable philosophy of excellence? These are just a few of the reasons Stickley is one of America’s highest quality brands of premium hardwood furniture since 1900.

Like us, they’re a family-owned business that built its roots in 1900, when brothers Leopold Stickley and John George Stickley began manufacturing furniture out of Fayetteville, New York. What started out as simple handcrafted chairs quickly skyrocketed to nationally recognized furniture fame in their pursuit to build “honest” furniture using the utmost quality woods and materials.

To date, Stickley is fortunate to hold esteemed awards like the Legacy Award and the Furniture Hall of Fame in their repertoire, and they even own a historical museum to showcase all of the classic pieces from their collections over the years.

At West Coast Living Thomasville, our Southern California Tustin and Yorba Linda showrooms boast several coveted pieces from their collections, and we even have an online e-gallery where you can “window shop” and bookmark the Stickley designs that catch your eye.

Stickley furniture features strong, stunning woods (like quartersawn white oak, cherry, and solid sapelli), along with premium leathers and upholstery. We love that their beautiful furniture can last for generation after generation, and be passed down for years to come.


One of our designers, Mary Beny, says it best: “My husband and I were looking for comfortable seating for our den.  We had given up, when we saw the Stickley sign and decided to see what Stickley had to offer.  We sat in a sofa and chair and purchased them on the spot.  The comfort was unparalleled.”

The workmanship of Stickley truly speaks for itself and we are proud to be an authorized dealer.

Make Stickley’s fine furniture a part of your family legacy today and experience the quality and American-made excellence that Stickley prides itself on!


See Our Stickley Collection In Our Showrooms:

Laguna Niguel – Coming April 2016!
28001 Greenfield Drive

Tustin Marketplace
2802 El Camino Real

Yorba Linda
23061 Savi Ranch Parkway

4 Easy Steps To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

4 Easy Steps To Make Your Home Holiday Ready

The holidays are here again! Each year, they seem to sneak up on homeowners and hosts alike. Between Christmas shopping, attending holiday parties, and preparing for out of town guests, it’s easy to let your holiday home décor go amiss. Don’t be caught without your garland on the mantle; follow our four easy steps to get your home holiday ready!

Step One:

You know that old saying, ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’? Well, when it comes to holiday home décor, you can throw that old verse out the window. One surefire way to make a festive first impression on guests is to adorn the outside of your home with seasonal cheer. Even if the inside isn’t “decked to the halls,” you’ll have a merry entrance for your guests.

Items like small electric candles placed in the windows of your home make for a classic, old-time feel likened to “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

We personally love a statement wreath on the front door of a home. It’s an impactful alternative to stringing dozens of lights or hanging boughs of holly on every window frame.

Step Two:

Don’t limit your decorations to the sense of sight. Envelop your guests in the aromas of the season. Pine needle, Christmas cookie, and spiced cinnamon scents conjure an inviting ambiance sure to take guests back to their childhood days of baking cookies. Not to mention, these scented candles provide a visual delight when placed on coffee tables, fireplace mantles, and kitchen counters.

Step Three:

Think outside the box. Those leftover Christmas ornaments in that box? Take them out and use them to further your holiday décor. The tree is trimmed and years of collected ornaments now sit just waiting to be put to use!

Take a handful of larger, round ornaments and place them in a decorative bowl on your coffee table. If you’re feeling extra festive, throw some holiday themed potpourri in with them. It makes for a simple, yet classic statement piece to centralize your living room. Not to mention, it will catch your guest’s eye every time they set their hot cocoa down.

These leftover ornaments can also be stacked in clear cylindrical vases all over your home for more holiday cheer.

Step Four:

Chances are you’ve invested in some fine-quality furniture to help make your house a home.

If you’re short on time to undergo an entire re-decoration, there are multiple ways to update your space on a budget.

If you have a handsome ottoman or sofa, throw a wintery white fur blanket over one corner to offer a “snowed in” feel. Stop into your local West Coast Living showroom to find a new lamp, throw pillow, or wall art. Your everyday home furnishings will spring to life with their new accents.

Do you have a grand dining room table? Don’t skimp on making this piece shine during the holidays! For starters, wax the surface of your table to ensure its true craftsmanship is revealed. Then, be sure to highlight this piece with holiday accents like a gold fringe table runner, elaborate candelabra fitted with holly colored candle sticks, or Christmas themed china.

When it comes to holiday home décor, the possibilities are endless. Whatever trimmings you choose, we hope you have a joyous holiday season filled with warmth and good cheer.

How To Shop For Luxury Furniture


Luxury furniture shopping can be a fun, exhilarating process. From showroom to showroom, you flounder from sectional to sectional, trying to determine which one will stand up to the inevitable wear and tear. You peruse a treasure trove of delicate mirrors crafted with the finest level of detail. Rack by rack, you fill your heart with brilliant colors, patterns, and textures as you consider which fabric might go best for your custom upholstery project.

While you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices, this article is designed to remove doubt so you can retain a sense of joy in your upcoming redesign.

Before long, you’ll have the knowledge you need to buy high-quality furniture pieces or even entire collections with a sense of confidence and ease.

Assess Your Needs

Create a roadmap for your shopping trip. Have you adequately measured all of the areas in your home that you plan to place new furniture and accessories? Have you created a list of the items you want to look for?

Before even setting foot in a glamorous showroom, consider everything from wall sizes, your fireplace, any artwork you don’t want to move, and even last month’s wine stain on the carpet that you need to hide. Having an observant mindset is so important, as you want to be sure that any new purchase you make fits cohesively in your space.

BBL Hudson Bed Shot-1H

Seek Inspiration Online

Thank goodness for the internet, because it can be an incredible resource. Visit our Pinterest boards to take a peek at carefully curated collections centered on different design styles.

You can also use the web to comparison shop, get ideas, and view pictures. One thing you can’t do though, is know exactly what you’re purchasing, if you buy online.

It’s important to see, touch, and experience the furniture for yourself before handing over your credit card. Especially if you’re spending upwards of one thousand dollars or more on an item.


Consider Your Lifestyle

Your design style is ultimately a reflection of your personality. But on a practical note, your lifestyle should also be taken into account. So who are you?

Coastal Casual – Light, airy, and laid-back with a lighter color palette and floral or nautical accents

European Classics – With stone and earth carvings, this style represents a worldly, well-traveled life

Executive – Enterprising style with fine finishes and a work-from-home level of functionality

Modern Contemporary – Up-to-date fabrics and designs with a very minimalist twist

Soft and Romantic – Lace, soft fabrics, and floral notes

Traditional – Solid, long-lasting, and sturdy. These are the pieces that will transition from generation to generation.

Learn more about some of these styles in depth in our blog post about defining your décor style.


Book A Complimentary Design Consultation

Let our designers be your ally when you put together a total room plan! Our amazing team will help you do all of the following and more:

  • They’ll assess your needs and bring you heaps of solutions
  • Determine the best furniture and accessories to buy that are within your budget
  • Advise you on all the other details, like lighting, textures, color, and more
  • Save you time and energy through their professional skills and resources
  • Consult with you in the comfort of your own home, or in one of our five West Coast Living showrooms.

Learn more about our design team.

Now, with a plan in place, a sense of your personal style, and a team to help you put it all together, you’ll be well on your way to a successful furniture shopping experience.

Art For Your Floor: How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Home

Art For Your Floor

Rugs are timeless, and the purposes they serve are extensive. They effortlessly frame seating areas, they tie a room together, unifying the design and giving the space a look of completion. A rug is truly a piece of art for your floor.


Rugs can make or break a room depending on how they fit. It’s difficult to imagine a hallway runner used as a living room rug. Likewise, a rug designed for the size of a mudroom wouldn’t work as well for a living room. Each type of room will have different considerations.

Take out a measuring tape and jot down accurate measurements of the room you are working with. Although the rug you end up with should cover most of the space, it shouldn’t cover all of it. For enhanced definition and design to the space, give the rug some wiggle room, leaving a border of exposed floor.

Art For Your Floor


Rug quality drastically varies between the manufacturing process and the materials used to create it. When shopping for your newfound “floor art,” you’ll be swimming in choices!

Wool rugs are a popular option for high-traffic areas. They have a sturdy pile and retain heat well.

Chenile rugs are luxurious, thick and heavy, made of twisted yarns. Commonly used in formal living rooms or nurseries, this style is both durable and soft.

Coastal casual draws our eye towards natural fiber rugs like those made of jute and sisal. While not as comfortable on bare feet with their rougher texture, they look great in a beach/cottage environment and do well when layered with other rugs.

A polypropylene rug is your answer for an indoor/outdoor rug – super easy to clean, less bulky, and they can withstand the elements more than other types of rugs.

Silk rugs are supremely soft and tear-resistant. Not to mention decadent! While they are one of the styles we gravitate towards, it’s important to know that they are sensitive to moisture and not as sturdy as a wool rug.


Opposites attract when it comes to rugs. While a neutral rug is the perfect complement to a busy patterned sofa, a monochromatic style is actually served quite well with a rug that offers a quirky design or pop of color.

Don’t forget your flooring. While perusing rug choices, consider whether the area rug will contrast against your tiles, hardwood, bamboo, or marble in a pleasing way. To make it the most visually important element in your space, create a rich contrast. For example, dark espresso floors look beautiful with a bold zebra striped rug.

Art For Your Floor


Once you’ve chosen a size, tone, and type, making your rug a true work of art comes down to careful pattern selection. An attention grabbing geometric print might do the trick, or a timeless oriental rug with an antique motif. Eye-pleasing stripes and animal prints also offer a stark divergence. Bring the outdoors inside with a romantic floral print.


Stop by your local West Coast Living showroom to view our extensive collection! Here are a few of our favorite rugs for your home:

Currey and Company Rug

Currey and Company: Kermanshah Rug

Surya Rugs

Surya Rugs: Appalachian Rug

Capel Rug

Capel Rugs: Dokka Stripe Rug

Surya Rugs

Surya Rugs: Ancient Treasures

7 Favorite Labor Day Sale Shopping Picks

West Coast Living Labor Day Sale Picks


Enticing Labor Day sales and shopping events are just around the corner, while idyllic summer afternoons are mere weeks away from transitioning to fall.

In our case at West Coast Living, the excitement (and the discounts) are already happening! Our five Southern California showrooms are featuring the finest designer name brands in furniture and accessories, just tempting us to update our living quarters.

Here are seven of our favorite items from the sale:

Century Furniture Grand Oak Cocktail Table

Century Furniture’s decadent grand oak cocktail table draws inspiration from old world design. Made of fine wood and veneer, the piece contains five spacious drawers with brass hardware and casters.

Thomasville Portofino Wedge Sofa

The Portofino wedge sofa by Thomasville attracts us with its stylishly pleated arms, hand-tailored appeal, and comfortably classic leather upholstery. The collection is full of customization options, inviting many different configurations.

Tommy Bahama Ocean Club Jakarta Chest

Island fusion is brought to a whole new, sophisticated level with this sundrenched chest from Tommy Bahama. Part of the Ocean Club collection, the Jakarta chest is finished with four adjustable shelves, custom hardware, and a beautiful travertine top.

Uttermost Autumn Radiance Framed Art

Sometimes, an eye-catching statement accessory is all your home needs for a refreshed look and feel. Tucked into a weather-washed wooden frame for vintage appeal, this oil reproduction was created with light brushstrokes. At 56” in length, it can hold its own in a room.

Currey and Company Alfresco Table Lamp

We couldn’t agree more with the product description for Currey and Company’s versatile Alfresco table lamp. It commands attention. Covered with iridescent capiz shells, the lamp glows even when it’s not turned on. This style could work seamlessly in a new traditional or modern living environment.

Thomasville Pullman Metal Bed

This Thomasville beauty has us clamoring for a pleasant night’s sleep. Both structured and elegant, the frame is robust and contemporary, with a substantial steel finish, lightened by subtle floral medallions.

Uttermost Conselyea Mirror

Ornate and heavily distressed with a mix of ivory and bronze rust, the conselyea mirror from Uttermost combines form, function, and luxury. The brand is known for producing one of the most broad product lines in the country. And they just so happen to be family-owned, like us!

Shop the Sale!

Are you ready to shop the sales yourself? Visit any one of our five stores in the Orange County and Los Angeles area to save, shop, and splurge, now through September 7, 2015!

Huntington Beach
7227 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Laguna Niguel
28001 Greenfield Dr.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

23036 Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505

2802 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92782

Yorba Linda
23061 Savi Ranch Parkway
Yorba Linda, CA 92887

Furniture: Defining Your Decor Style


Creating a sanctuary in your home that reflects your personal taste is one of the most exciting aspects of the re-decorating process. Especially with Pinterest, glossy magazines, and HGTV, there’s a steady, unstoppable stream of fresh inspiration. At every whim, we’re privy to painted chalkboard walls, patterned rugs, marble countertops, wingback armchairs, and other chic furniture.

Below, we unlock four of our favorite design styles and reveal how they are defined, along with some timeless pieces you can invest in to bring their essence to life in your living space.

Coastal Casual


We love the untethered, breezy vibes of Coastal Casual style furniture. Are you seeking a light, airy sanctuary with pale hues, weathered finishes, and natural fibers?

These laid-back, lived-in rooms are commonly anchored by stripes, sea-themed prints, tropical flowers, and lighthouses. Additional coastal style trends include seashell-encrusted mirrors, accessories, and prints.

Vibe: Beachy, Airy, Relaxed, Laid-Back, Weathered, Cottage-Like

Shop Coastal Casual:

European Classics


European Classic style is steeped in tradition, garnering dark wood finishes, comfortable fabrics, and relaxed sophistication. Inspired by design trends of centuries past, the furniture tends to feel both symmetrical and formal, easily dressing up a casual environment.

Fabrics that work well with European Classic furnishings include chintz, jacquard, damask, and brocade. Luxurious leather in a rich brown tone also adds cohesive charm.

Vibe: Dark, Sophisticated, Formal, Luxurious, Cultured

Shop European Classics:

european-classics-stagworks-antler-table-lamp european-classics-theodore-alexander-fireside-chair european-classics-theodore-alexander-chest

New Traditional


Traditional design is the epitome of classic, and putting “new” in front of it adds a modern dimension to an already loved and celebrated style.

Approachable and comfortable without being stuffy, new traditional style has a more modern look and feel than its predecessor, shaped by large furniture, built-ins, and other architectural details.

Vibe: Mixing ‘Old’ and ‘New’, Comfortable, Formal, Large Scale, Iron Fixtures

Shop New Traditional:

bernhardt-belgian-oak-living-room-cocktail-hour-table humphrey-bogart-tuxedo-dressing-chest new-traditional-decorating-style-mirror

Modern Contemporary


Modern design exudes a sleek “less is more” approach. Growing in popularity over the years, contemporary style strikes a balance between trendy and functional.

Its minimalistic approach means each piece is thoughtfully placed without a pile up of extraneous details like knick-knacks, vases, and throw pillows.

Often times, modern living spaces utilize abstract art or a statement rug to punch up the environment and create a less neutral focal point.

Vibe: Trendy, Geometric, Sleek, Clean Lines, Minimalist

Shop Modern Contemporary:

modern-bernhardt-interiors-canopy-bed modern-geometric-chandelier-curry-and-company modern-surya-rugs-silence

The process of defining your personal decor style is invigorating to explore, and no one style is a “one size fits all” solution. It’s fun to infuse your personality into your home and implement pieces that feel like you. Explore new ideas for your home with our online room planner.

Which décor style speaks to you?

To explore our full selection of quality furniture and accessories, visit our main website. Learn more about special promotions and shop for accessories.

Using Fabrics to Transform Your Space

West Coast Living FabricsFabrics are powerful, understated tools in interior design.

Piece by piece, they contribute to a room’s presence like a quiet confidence, inspiring its setting and vibe. They have the ability to be transformational, eclectic, moody, neutral, or colorful. The selection can oftentimes be overwhelming, but a little guidance from our design team can assure you’ll select the perfect patterns and textures for your living space.


Fabric Colors

Begin the fabric-buying process by thinking about color. Keeping a neutral base on bigger furniture items is a common design mantra we live by. Going neutral on a camelback sofa opens opportunities to add vibrantly colored pillows and patterned throws that could otherwise clash.

It’s also easy to seamlessly update the feel of a room from season to season, incorporating new accessories, art, and prints.


Pattern Selection

Who doesn’t love a little chevron, paisley, or stripe in their space? Pattern selection is undeniably fun and the options are endless. Seek inspiration through the world around you. Is there a pattern that speaks to you? Polka dots are playful, ikat is geometrically trendy, toile is soft and feminine.

Dig through our Pinterest boards to uncover unique styles.

Perhaps you stumbled on an eye-catching fabric at a friend’s house or while flipping through a magazine.

You can even look to Mother Nature. Floral patterns invoke feelings of spring and summer, while the coast translates to coral, beach-themed, cottage elements.



Textures bring bespoke elements to fabrics that convey life and spirit to a room. Determine whether you want your space to feel heavy or light, tranquil or refined.

Linens give off a casual and relaxed feel, ideal for embodying “coastal casual” or a “beachy cottage” ambiance.

Velvets or damask textures are polished and sophisticated; the epitome of formal with a touch of glam.

Faux and fur fabrics act as funky accents, cultivating a bold statement effortlessly.

Leather adds a stylistic and classic flair, its pieces offering unequivocal longevity.

Mix and match textures in the same color palette for an extra dash of dimension and depth.


Creating Balance

Balance is achieved by maintaining proper distribution of fabrics and colors. We admit, it could be tempting to lay on multiple types and styles of fabrics, but we recommend using no more than 3-4 in a room.

Stripes on sofas and sectionals make it tricky to incorporate other patterns, while a decidedly neutral gray chaise lounge allow a pair of turquoise pillows to be the true focal point.

In the end, enjoy the process of choosing fabrics for your room! It’s amazing how dramatic of an effect they can have on how your room ultimately feels. The wide variety offered at West Coast Living allow for endless design and inspiration.

To explore our full selection, visit http://www.westcoastlivingoc.com.


10 Interior Design Tips

10 interior design tips

Interior design may be daunting terrain for some, but if you have a little guidance and the right furniture to work with, you’ll be prepared to take on the challenge. At West Coast Living, we can help provide that guidance.

After all, a little direction and some dabbling in interior design can create a mood in a room that shows off your personality and lifestyle.

Follow these 10 interior design tips to take your home from drab to fabulous:

  1. Start with an inspiration piece.

This could be a piece of art, chest, or even a pillow. When you find that one piece that you love, it’s easy to build a room around it.

  1. Never push furniture up against the walls.

By pulling your seating arrangement in, even by just a few inches, you can instantly warm up the space and create a flow in the room.

  1. Every room needs a touch of black.

This universal color, along with other hues, can provide definition, crispness, style, weight, relief, and sophistication to any room.

  1. Never match your walls to a color in one of your fabrics.

This effect will be too strong. Instead, find a grayed-out or a lighter-hued version of the color to make the room come together.

  1. Keep a minimum of 15” between coffee tables and sofas.

This allows the room to breathe and not feel as claustrophobic. It also allows for easy maneuvering.

  1. Don’t hang a mirror between windows.

The spatial void it creates will distract from the view. Also, don’t use mirrors in every room or over every mantel. At the end of the day, a room needs art, and mirrors are not art.

  1. When you’re hanging a series of pictures together, space them correctly.

Keep the gap between them 2” to 2.5” to utilize the wall space. Also keep a minimum of 9” between the art and tops of sofas and chairs.

  1. Every room needs at least one antique piece.

Much like the color black, an antique piece adds a certain touch of sophistication and integrity to the room.

  1. Surprise the eye with one large-scale element.

One large-scale element takes a room up a notch. Try using an oversize ottoman or one large lamp with a large lampshade.

10. Lighting is everything.

Lighting creates atmosphere, intrigue, and drama in a room. Instead of solely relying on overhead lighting, try to always incorporate a table and/or floor lamp to provide different lighting options and effects.


Hopefully these tips will help you turn your home into a beautiful, functional space. You never know what small adjustment will give a room a completely new look! Come into West Coast Living and let us show you how to transform a space.

As long as you keep function, mood, and personality in mind while you design, your home will be warm, welcoming, and comfortable.

Remember, if you’re missing that one piece to take a room from average to outstanding, come in and visit us!